A simple 2D cylinder shape layer preset

Requirements: After Effects CC2020

Includes KBar Icon:


From Presets & Effects panel

Drag the preset into your comp to create a new layer with the shapes and controls.

From KBar

Create a shape layer with anything in it (keyboard shortcut Q) then click the appropriate KBar button to replace the shapes and add controls.


Pretty self-explanatory on these
  • Size: The radius of the upper circle and the overall width of the shape
    • Setting the Y size to negative will show the bottom edge
  • Height: The height of the shape
  • Anchor Position: sets the location of the layer's anchor point to control how a cylinder expands. Center expands outward, Top expands down, Bottom expands upward. The top and bottom anchors will be set at the midpoints of the upper and lower faces of the cylinder.



Got some ideas on how to make this better? Email me at [email protected]

Change log

1.01 - 2019-12-03


  • Color pickers (top, bottom, side)
  • Bottom edge when vertical size goes negative (thanks to Jack from

1.00 - 2019-12-02

Initial release

Last modified 1yr ago